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The Average Electrician Hourly Rate

Find out Where to Start the Maintenance of your Home With an Electrician Hourly Rate

If you ever deal with electrical malfunctions around the house or at the office, knowing the electrician hourly rate can prove useful when calculating the budget that you are willing to allow for the repairs. You will also need an electrician for regular maintenance services.

Therefore, you should know that the average cost for an intervention is between 40 and 85 dollars per hour, although the real price may vary according to the difficulty of the repair. You may find that for a small electrical repair the cost can be higher than if you go for a bigger intervention.

The reason for this is that no matter what type of electrical repair or maintenance service you require, the electrician also needs to ensure the safety of your wiring in order to finalize the repair and give you a compliance certificate. In many cases, he will most likely need to change some parts, whose cost adds to the price of the repair.

Electrician Hourly Rate The Average Electrician Hourly Rate

Electrician Hourly Rate

Electrician Hourly Rate -  Qualified & Experienced Electricians Higher Rates

The electrician hourly rate may also vary according to the experience and the training of the electrician. Generally, the more you pay, the more qualified the electrician is. He should have undergone a specific training and taken the state exam, which makes him familiar with the electric work’s codes and regulations.

While you may be tempted to hire a cheaper electrician, you should consider that his experience is essential, especially when it comes to repairs that are more complicated. It is best to make sure that you are working with a professional, which will ensure a high quality service. You may also want to look for electricians that are licensed for commercial or residential works, depending on whether you need the repair at the office or at home.

Generally, when dealing with basic jobs such as wiring or switches, you will not need to worry about the extra costs of the repair. When it comes to sophisticated work, such as safety switches, fans or various kinds of lighting, you will find that the hourly rates will grow. In order to be prepared for the costs involved, you can ask for a detailed quotation.

Electrician Hourly Rate – General Esitmates

In order to provide you with some estimates, you should consider that a general maintenance work would be priced between 75 and 125 dollars per call, with extra charge for the extra time. For new power ends or light fittings, you may be charged approximately 75 dollars per piece, but the cost will vary according to the ease of access and the location. Safety switches will cost from 265 to 370 dollars. A phone point will be charged at 50 to 75 dollars. Finally, but not the least, if you need a house rewiring, you should be prepared to spend a minimum amount of 4000 dollars.

Although you may prepare yourself for this kind of repairs, most of the time you will encounter unexpected situations, which will increase the costs of the electrical repair. However, finding out the  Electrician Hourly Rate in your area can provide a starting point for your maintenance budget plan.

Electrician Hourly Rate


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