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Determining the Certified Electrician Hourly Rate


Most people are very wary of the high electrician hourly rate when hiring a certified electrician to take care of an electrical problem in their household. Some individuals try to find other workers, who are not a certified electrician and may not be professionally trained to take care of their household electrical problems. Although it may be easy to work around the current electrician hourly rate by hiring cheap labor, it is never recommended by professional associations of home owners. There are many disadvantages to hiring cheap labor to take care of electrical problems within an owned home. The biggest issue that could occur with cheap labor is the potential damage that could be caused by worker. In many cases, avoiding the electrician hourly rate is much more costly than actually paying a professional certified electrician to fix your electrical problems correctly.


Electrician Hourly Rate – Importance of Using A Certified Electrician

As a certified electrician, you must be properly trained, licensed, as well as have completed other qualifications. These are some of the factors that increase the certified electrician hourly rate. Much like professional training in the health sciences often involves a pay raise for nurses; a certified electrician must also be properly trained to fix electrical problems in any type of household. The current electrician hourly rate for experienced certified electricians is usually about $75.00 to $100 per hour. This may seem very steep for some house owners, but the guarantee of having a professional electrician outweighs the worries of hiring cheap labor.


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Certified Electrician Hourly Rate

Electrician Hourly Rate – Why You Should Never Do DIY Electrician Work

Although the current electrician hourly rate is quite high for a certified electrician, trying to perform your own electrical work is not a good idea. Performing this work in an attempt to avoid the electrician hourly rate can be dangerous to you, as well as other household members. Some individuals have started electrical fires in their homes trying to avoid the electrician hourly rate. This type of work can be dangerous to your own health, as well as others. It may also be much more expensive than the actual electrician hourly rate. In this economy, compromise is key to hiring an experienced electrician. Many electricians will adjust their prices in a competitive economy. The certified electrician hourly rate may actually be much lower than you would expect. It is understandable that people are being much more conservative with their spending, but there is a line between being financially savvy and irresponsibly cheap.

Electrician Hourly Rate – Advantages of Hiring A Certified Electrician

Home owners that do hire electricians at the current electrician hourly rate understand that they are paying for a professional solution to their electrical problem. Importantly, having your electrical work done by a certified electrician (who is being paid the current electrician hourly rate) means your work is performed against specific electrical codes. Cheap labor may not abide by these codes, which will incur costs on your behalf later. As a home owner, you should consider the certified electrician hourly rate as a payment for an professional expert, not as a general worker.

Electrician Hourly Rate – Factors Determining The Electrician Hourly Rate

The biggest determinant to an electrician’s cost is the electrician hourly rate. A moderately experienced certified electrician can have their electrician hourly rate set between $30 to $70. The electrician hourly rate is dependent on the amount of competition in the area, as well as the location. A certified electrician is often in high demand for new home construction and household repairs on wiring. The electrician hourly rate is often higher during household repairs because the electrician must research possible problems as well as respective solutions.

Although it is rare, distance may increase the electrician hourly rate, or at the very least, increase the cost of an electrician. Most electricians charge the same hourly rate (the current electrician hourly rate) for their travel time, as well as their work time. You should consider the amount of experience before deciding on a professional certified electrician. The certified electrician hourly rate is a good determinant of the cost of electrical work, but it should not be used solely to hire an electrician.
These are just some of the factors that have increased the electrician hourly rate over the last few decades. Sometimes, the best way to save money on electrical work is to avoid the electrician hourly rate by asking for an up-front quote. In today’s economy, electricians are very eager for work, which means they may offer substantial discounts and avoid the certified electrician hourly rate (single cost not dependent on hours).


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